How to cook Steak like a Professional!

So you’ve decided to cook a steak? Awesome! A steak is one of the best pieces of meat to eat! Are you going to be cooking a Rib-eye? Bone in or out? A Filet? A New York Strip? Skirt Steaks? Tri-Tip? What about a nice delicious Porterhouse, or a T-Bone steaks? You may have never realized it, but there are different ways to cook every single one of these steaks to the way you want it. How long do you cook a Medium rare 2 pound Tri-Tip? 3 Pound? Do you cook the fat side up or down? Gas, or Charcoal? What about A New York Strip? Is it better to cook in the pan or on the grill?


Do not worry my young steak Jedi. I will teach you the many different ways of how to cook steaks.

Have you ever been to a fancy steak restaurant and wondered “How do they make the steaks taste so good?” Maybe your attempts at your own steak dinner have ended in a burnt, Overly Well done, tasteless, tough piece of meat. Do you find yourself reaching for the A-1 Steak Sauce every time you prepare a steak at home? Where do you even start? How cold should the steak be when you put it in the pan. Should the steak be frozen or Raw when you start to cook them? How hot should the pan be? Do you need oil in your pan? Should you even use a pan to cook your steak? Do you use steak sauce or not? I am going to show you how to cook steaks many different ways! Whether its a Rib-Eye steak, a Filet, or a New York Strip steak, I will show you step by step how to prepare all of these to perfection!

Different Cuts of steak:

Filet Mignon:

Filet Mignon steak

This is the Diamond of steaks in the food world. Its name translates into Tenderloin, and it is one of the most expensive cuts of beef. It is found in the end of the short loin. It is very, very tender, and extremely flavorful. Take care to cook this piece of meat, because you don’t get to cook them very often.

Flank Steak:

Flank Steak

This is a very lean cut of steak. It is usually found in the underbelly of the cow, which means it will have very little fat, and will often be very thin. It cooks extremely fast, and people usually use it for Tacos, fajitas, or anything that would use small chunks of steak.


Flat Iron:

Flat Iron Steak

The Flat Iron is cut from the top blade of the cow. It slightly resembles a flat iron, which is where it got its name!

London Broil:

London broil steak

The London Broil is a large cut of meat from the flank steak. It is very tough, and can take a long time to cook. Because of this, it is usually marinated overnight to tenderize the steaks, and then slow-cooked or broiled, and sliced very thinly.

New York Strip:

New York Strip Steaks

The New York Strip is probably one of the best selling cuts of beef in the US. It is the marbled large end of the short loin. It is sometimes called the Kansas City Strip, or Shell Steaks.


Porterhouse Steak

The Porterhouse is cut from the ribs 6-12. It is a combination of the New York Strip and the Filet. It is the King of Steaks for anyone who loves meat!


Tbone Steak

The T-Bone steak is similar to the porterhouse, but it is slightly smaller. It is cut from the ribs 1-6. It is still made of the Filet and the New York Strip, but it is not as impressive! The Bone running down the middle is shaped like a T, which is how it was named.


TriTip Steak

The Tri Tip is the Triangular shaped portion of the top Sirloin. It is usually more well known in the Western states, but if you have not tried it, you definitely should. It is awesome by itself, or on a delicious sandwich.

Grades of Beef

There are a couple different ways that beef is graded in the US. The United States Department of Agriculture has 8 different grades of beef: Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter, and Canner. Only about 2-3% of Beef is graded as Prime. Most restaurants only serve Prime or Choice Beef, which explains why steaks in certain restaurants are so much more expensive than others. Select and Standard are usually easily found in grocery stores.

There is also a program called the Certified Angus Beef program, which is awarded by Wooster, an Ohio-based Certified Angus Beef LLC. To be a part of the brand, the beef must pass 8 quality specifications regarding marbling (Higher than the USDA) And the cow must come from Angus Parentage, and have a coat that is at least 51% black. Very strange specifics, but its true!

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