Have you ever wondered why steaks at a steak house taste so much better than what you can buy at the store? There are a couple of reasons for that. One reason is because they get their steaks from a butcher shop (or their distributor only deals with beef). You can solve that by getting your meat at a butcher or asking for thick cut steaks at your grocery store. The second thing the steak houses do with their steaks is dry age them. Now this is usually done with thicker cuts of beef in very expensive humidifiers filled with beef, because they can age them for months at a time. But you can definitely do this at home, and give your steaks that extra touch they’ve been needing!

Dry aged Steaks

Now don’t let that picture scare you. That is how steaks look after they’ve been dry aged for 70 days. And Yes, that is fungus, and bacteria, and all kinds of bad stuff. That is why they only age larger cuts of beef for that long. It allows them to be able to trim off the nasty parts of the steaks so you have a normal size cut of beef to cook. When you cut the steaks down, it looks something like this.

Cut aged steaks

You can see the inside looks like a very normal steak, but the flavor is incredible. It also becomes insanely tender. This process is also what makes steak houses charge $30-$60 per steak or more! Let me show you how to achieve similar results at home WITHOUT all of the fungus and trimming involved!

The first thing you’ll want to do is get a fairly thick cut of beef. Nothing too crazy, maybe a 10 or 12 oz New York Strip or Rib Eye. Remove it from the packaging, and pat the steaks completely dry. You want to make sure the steak has as little moisture as possible on it. Then, place the steak onto a plate, and stick it into your fridge uncovered. Now keep in mind, your steaks will absorb the flavors of other things in the fridge. So try to not store things near the steaks that will ruin the flavor.

The longest you’ll want to age the steaks like this is about 5 days. Any longer and you’ll risk spoiling the steak. When it comes time to cook the steaks, simply season them and cook them like your normally would. 120 degrees is a good medium rare temperature, so I’d shoot for that. You’ll notice that the steaks brown much better now that they’re aged. This is because the surface of the steaks are extremely dry. This enables the browning process to happen much faster. When it comes time to cook and eat the steak, you’ll discover something incredible. The steak will have a deep beef flavor from dry aging. It won’t taste exactly like the beef aged for months at a time, but you’ll still notice a difference. You will also find that the beef is a lot more tender.

Hopefully your results look something like this!

Cooked dry aged steak

So give it a shot! It’s easy enough, so why not try it? Let me know if you have any questions! Let me know how your steaks turned out in the comments below.