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Where do you get your steaks? Do you wait in line at the butcher shop? Do you go foraging for the best looking steaks on the shelves at the supermarket? Why go through all of that hassle for a steak that isn’t going to be worth the wait? Thin, lean, wimpy steaks await you at your favorite store. Those aren’t going to impress anybody. Why not buy your high quality steaks online and have them shipped to you for free in a refrigerated box? You can even save when you buy in bulk with Omaha Steaks!

Here are 5 of the reasons why I LOVE Using Omaha Steaks to purchase my cuts of beef.

1) You can get Omaha King Cuts
Omaha Steaks King Cuts
These are absolutely gigantic cuts of beef! 48 Oz is enough steak to bring most men to their knees, but I know you’re up for the challenge! The cuts are a little pricey, but if you’re really looking to WOW someone, or if you’re simply up for a challenge, you should pick one up today!

2) You can get rare cuts of meat
Omaha Steaks Bison

If you’re trying to experiment with different cuts of meat, you can purchase rare cuts of meat from Omaha. Veal, Bison, Lamb, Grass Fed Beef, and even Seafood and poultry. You can literally buy almost any cut of meat you can think of. They even sell Beef Jerky and Dinner meal kits!

3) Package Deals for Holidays and Special Occasions
Omaha Steaks Mothers Day

If you’re looking for something special to cook for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays or anniversaries, Omaha Steaks is the perfect place to put together an entire meal for the occasion! You can even purchase combo’s that come with absolutely everything you’ll need to have a successful Dinner or Brunch!

4) Their Deserts are Awesome!

Omaha Steaks Deserts

Do I even have to say anything? Look at that Desert! Most of their deserts come frozen and all you have to do is thaw them to serve. If they involve more than that, they come with instructions that tell you exactly how to prepare them so you will be ready for anything!

5) Overstock and Rock Bottom Prices

Omaha steaks

Their overstock prices on steaks and other items are incredible! Where else can you get top quality Filets and Sirloins for just about $10 a piece?! You can always find great deals on deserts, side dishes, and sausages! It’s a great way to get steak or foods that are going out of season!

Do yourself a favor, and check out Omaha Steaks today for some incredible steaks in your future!