Some chefs are just known for their skills, techniques,c unique flavor profiles, or steak. When many people think of celebrity chefs, they think of Gordon Ramsey. With many, many years in the kitchen, he is one of the most well known chefs in the world, and he is known for his high standards, but most of all his incredible steaks. He cooks with so much technique and passion that his flavors are hard to beat. The appreciation he shows to steaks and other ingredients really shine when he puts together his dishes. He usually only cooks with the best ingredients, and even has some of his own animals that he raises at his home in England.

In the video below, Gordon Ramsey prepares a very simple steak. But the way he prepares it just screams “I need to try this” And you absolutely do need to try it. He makes it look so easy, but I assure you, the steaks taste incredible once it’s finished. It makes you realize why professional chefs can charge so much for a steak dinner. Once you finish watching, I highly suggest that you try this technique for cooking your next steak. You can even tel all of your friends that you trained under Gordon Ramsey, and that he taught you the secrets to cooking the perfect steak.